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Turtle Wax continue to be a go-to for auto cleaning products

From city streets to country roads, Turtle Wax has been an integral part of car culture in the UK and around the world for over 75 years, solidifying its place in the hearts and hands of car enthusiasts with a cross-category assortment of No.1 selling products *. Turtle Wax leads rankings in car care consumer awareness** and remains a must-stock brand for specialist stores, which continue to be a go-to destination for auto cleaning products.

As well, Turtle Wax is still a family-owned and operated company, with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit ingrained into it. "The fact that we stay true to our values and make sure our products continue to be easy to use, are grounded in technology, and always at a great price, is a testament to the foundation built by my grandparents and parents. I'm honoured to continue their legacy and excited for what we have in store for 2022 and beyond." said Denis John Healy, Executive Chairman, Turtle Wax.

Together, the brand's decades of experience along with its perfect blend of the latest technologies put it in a unique position to deliver exactly what consumers have been asking for. In fact, Turtle Wax took that concept to a new level this year; its most recent product launch pays tribute to its fans by bringing out their most-requested innovations via new Hybrid Solutions wheel, tyre and interior design.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions HyperFoam Wheel Cleaner & Tyre Prep and Hybrid Solutions Graphene Acrylic Tyre Shine provide an answer to one of the common frustrations expressed by consumers, tyre browning. Restoring tyres to their original condition is now easier than ever.

With a closer look, Hybrid Solutions HyperFoam Wheel Cleaner & Tyre Prep is a powerful foaming cleaner that dissolves brake dust and road contaminants on your wheels with one application, creating a barrier to reduce future contaminate build up. Its fast-acting formula draws out embedded grime from the tyre, preparing it for coating application. Meanwhile, the graphene and acrylic infusions within Hybrid Solutions Tyre Shine Spray Coating provide incredible durability, dark gloss, water repellency, and UV protection to keep tyres looking their best.

"We have the skills and equipment to develop new products that will offer a range of additional benefits to our customers in the future, whether its simply saving time or making the task of cleaning your car even easier and more enjoyable." says Mike Schultz, senior vice president of Research & Development.

Turtle Wax met fan requests for interior innovations, as well. A few of its new Hybrid Solutions interior products feature a game-changing Flairosol sprayer for fine-misting and even coverage, which not only improves user experience, but also enhances the formula performance and application efficiency.

Most products in the car care market are either propellant-filled aerosols or conventional trigger sprayers that don't deliver liquids evenly. The propellant gasses of conventional aerosols can be unwelcomed and cause unnecessary health hazards for car owners, which the Flairosol sprayer avoids completely. The Hybrid Solutions Flairosol range includes Streak-Free Mist Glass Cleaner Inside & Out, Leather Mist Cleaner & Conditioner, and Interior Detailer.

And, many tired-and-true products within Turtle Wax's core range are undergoing a visual revamp this year, guaranteed to catch your eye while maintaining the same formula inside.

*US NPD units 12 months ending Dec 2020

** Hanover Research, Logo and Brand equity study, February 2022

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