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Fusso Extreme Durability

Meet the Legend.

Fusso is a legendary Japanese technology developed by Soft99 that harnesses the power of fluoropolymers to uncompromisingly protect a variety of surfaces on your car – from paintwork and glass to fabrics! With a unique formula that protects surfaces for up to 12 months, Fusso is now synonymous with durability and resistance to heavy use. That's why Fusso has already become the choice of more than 10 million drivers across Europe!

How does it work?

Fusso in Japanese simply means „fluorine”, main ingredient of the fluoropolymer bonding that Fusso utilises (PTFE – polytetrafluoroethylene). It’s the most slippery substance known to science! It prevents friction of mechanical elements, which is why it’s being used in prosthetic limbs or astronaut suits. Due to the extreme slipperiness of the PTFE polymer, covering a frying pan with it requires prior matting of the surface, followed by curing at high temperature (360°C). The biggest challenge was to transfer this process to the world of car caring. Soft99’s experts found a way to bond PTFE to the car’s paintwork by combining various fluoropolymers and substances, so the protective layer can bond with paintwork, glass and even fabrics.

Perfection brought by 30 years of experience

Fusso's technology has remained unsurpassed since 1990, when the first product from the line was introduced to the Japanese market.

In the 90’s, silicones and resin waxes were the main paintwork protection method in use. The launch of the first version of Fusso Coat based on fluoropolymers (PTFE) was therefore a real revolution! Utilising the hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of fluorine, the first coating was said to last up to 90 days! This was a result unattainable by rival products, which started a legend that continues to this day.

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