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How to acheive a showroom shine with 303 products

Car enthusiasts always take pride in their vehicles looking their best. Achieving a showroom shine is seen as a rewarding journey, it also brings enjoyment and high a level of satisfaction.

Below we're going to give you some tips and ticks on how to both achieve and maintain a showroom shine with 303 products. We'll guide you through various steps and advise the best product for each. From the basics of a good wash through to advanced protection we'll make sure you can achieve fantastic results at home.

The basics of car washing

The foundation of any showroom shine is a thorough and effective car wash. Using the right products and techniques not only cleans your car but will also prepare it for further detailing, and 303 Car Wash is an ideal solution thanks to it's gentle but powerful formula.

Why choose 303 car wash?

This product stands out due to:

It's gentle on paintwork

The pH-balanced formula ensures that it effectively cleans without stripping away wax or damaging the car's paintwork.

It's an effective cleaning agent

It effectively removes dirt, grime and other contaminants that can gather on the paintwork and dull your car's finish.

It's safe for all car finishes

It's safe to use on a variety of finishes which makes it a versatile car shampoo.

A quick car washing guide

Achieving a flawless shine on your car starts with a wash, below we have a quick guide on washing your car with 303 Car Wash. We have some other articles that may also be useful:

Why regularly cleaning your car is worth it

How to dry your car

The achieve the best results follow these steps:

Pre-Rinse: Start by giving your car a good rinse with water to remove all loose dirt and debris. This will prevent you scratching the surface during further washing.

Mix Your Car Wash: Mix your car wash shampoo with water in a clean bucket. 

Start Washing: Use a high quality car wash mitt. Start from the top of the car and work down, washing in sections. This method prevents dirt from the lower parts of the car being transferred to cleaner areas.

Use Two Buckets: Consider having a second bucket on hand to rinse your wash mitt. Having separate buckets for your soap suds and rinsing reduces the chances of moving dirt back onto the car.

Rinse Again: After washing each section, rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Ensure no suds remain on the surface and that can create spotting and swirl marks.

Wash In The Shade: If possible, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight as this will cause your car to dry too quickly, which again will likely cause water spots.

Drying your car and preparing for polishing

Moving your car on from just looking clean to having a showroom shine requires more than a good wash. The next step is drying and preparation. 

These steps are crucial to achieving a glossy shine.

Drying your car

By drying your car correctly you can be sure you can achieve a streak free finish.

Use a microfiber towel: The soft and highly absorbent material make them ideal for drying cars without scratching the paint.

Drying technique: Instead of rubbing the surface with a towel, gently pat or slowly glide the microfiber towel across the surface. 

Work in sections: Start at the top of the car and work down. This ensures the water doesn't run into already dried panels.

Dry straight away: Start drying immediately after washing to prevent water spots.

Surface preparation

Once your car is dry there's some last steps to perform before your car is ready for protective and waxing products. 

Visual inspection: Work your way around the car and check for any remaining dirt. This is the perfect opportunity to check hard to reach areas. You may be required to do a quick on the spot clean - a quick detailer is ideal for this.

Check for existing imperfections: Look for minor scratches or marks that can't be removed through washing alone. Whilst you might not necessarily be able to remove them, this step will let you know which areas to give more attention to.

Final wipe down: Use an additional clean and dry microfiber towel to give your car another wipe down. This will remove any particles that may have settled on the surface since you finished washing.

Applying 303 Graphene Spray Coating for the ultimate shine

With your car now having thoroughly washed and dried, it's time to take the shine to the next level. Part of the 303 range is a revolutionary product, 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating. This easy to use product will produce an exceptional shine and long lasting protection.

What is graphene spray?

Graphene sprays are moving to the forefront of car care as provides a range of benefits. Need more? Check out our why graphene spray is great for cars.

Enhanced protection: Graphene forms a protective barrier against external contaminants and UV rays. This helps prevent oxidation of the paintwork and fading. 

Fantastic shine: Graphene spray will add a deep and rich glossy shine. It enhances the natural colour and leaves a shiny wet look. 

Water repelling: It also offers hydrophobic properties, making water bead and quickly roll off the surface. This significantly assists in keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Tips for applying 303 Graphene spray

To get the very best results the correct application technique is key:

  • Ensure the car is clean and dry

  • Work in sections

  • Spray the product, and wipe gently with a clean microfiber towel

  • Buff the area following application to achieve a glossy finish

  • The application process is straightforward, yet the results are professional-grade. Remember, achieving a showroom shine is about both the appearance and the longevity of your car’s paint. The superior formulation of 303 Graphene Spray ensures that your vehicle isn’t just shining; it’s also shielded against the elements, maintaining that pristine look through sunny days and rainy spells alike.

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