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Decontaminate with Soft99

1. Iron Terminator

One of the first steps in the process of thorough cleaning of the car. Iron Terminator will work on rims, but also on paint or plastic wheel arches! It is completely safe for the surface, and it's one of the least odorous products of its kind on the market.

2. New Pitch Cleaner

Road tar? Tree Resin? Sticker glue? Or maybe bugs splattered all over you car? New Pitch Cleaner is one of the most effective and at the same time the safest "Tar & Glue" type agents. Works wonders during thorough decontamination, but also in everyday use, dissolving even the most persistent dirt.

3. Stain Cleaner

Dried tar, bugs or dirt accumulated in some of the car's many crevices require a strong, but safe-to-use agent. Stain Cleaner will handle even the most stubborn dirt without leaving any unwanted marks. For use in door recesses, engine compartment, around seals, wheel arches and many other places. Great as a pre-wash addition!

4. Neutral Creamy Shampoo

Neutral Creamy Shampoo, a Japanese recipe for safe initial and basic washing. It gives an amazing slickness, thick foam, and is safe for waxes and coatings. Most importantly – it can be easily rinsed off even if it has completely dried! It retains its properties when diluted, but can also be used directly on a sponge. At a dilution of 1:5, it can be used as an active foam agent!

5. Smooth Egg Clay Bar

The use of clay bar in detailing has its roots in Japan and that's where our Smooth Egg Clay Bar has been refined to perfection. With its help, in a mechanical way, all permanently embedded impurities that could not be cured by chemicals, will disappear from the paint. Perfectly smooth surface is a necessary step before moving further!

6. Surface Smoother Clay Bar

The absolute prerequisite in paintwork cleaning, with roots exactly in Japan! Claybar safely and effectively removes everything that manual washing can‘t clean. Paintwork will remain perfectly smooth, free from metallic inclusions, road dirt, tree sap and more. Surface Smoother Mini is a claybar with higher aggressiveness. Excellent choice for thorough cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces.

7. Micro Liquid Compound

The paint might seem smooth, but it is still a porous structure. Dirt, oily film and old protective coatings accumulate in the pores and that's where Micro Liquid Compound does its job. Thanks to the delicate abrasive particles, it will remove smaller defects like hologram or swirl scratch marks, improving the condition of the paint. Micro Liquid Compound can be used by hand, machine or even on wet surfaces! Always comes with a dedicated applicator.

8. Silicone Off

Before we apply a protective coating, it is important to degrease the surface. Silicone Off can do wonders here – being one of the strongest, but still some of the safest solutions on the market. It is a mixture of substances that remove oily films, washing away the remains of polishing pastes. It leave the surface perfectly sterile. As one of the most effective agents on the market, it evaporates slowly, staying in the microfiber for longer, thus giving great results. Use on paint, glass and even plastics!

Head to the dedicated DECONTAMINATION page to find out more and search for stockists:

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