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Combining Japanese technology with passion for car care, we have for 70 years manufactured products that redefine quality. While fulfilling our mission, we have created unsurpassed solution for professional quartz coatings – QJUTSU®


QJUTSU® Body Coat Pro

Body Coat Pro is an advanced, two-component coating for everyone who expects uncompromising durability and protection of paint. Thanks to a special activator, bonding process is accelerated, which allows you to quickly achieve the best results.

QJUTSU® Body Coat

Body Coat is a single-component coating that is a response to the needs of customers who expect best protection and maximum durability. Its application is simple and very quick. It is a perfect product for all detailing enthusiasts who want to dive into the world of protective coatings.

QJUTSU® Body Coat Matte

Body Coat Matte is a single-component coating designed for a wide spectrum of surfaces, in particular the increasingly popular matte vehicle finishes - both PPF foils and paints. Body Coat Matte is a result of years of Japanese experience inindustrial surface and equipment protection – from hundreds of thousands of vending machines to trains and public utility vehicles.

QJUTSU® Wheel Coat

Wheel Coat is an advanced, one-component coating designed for effective protection of parts exposed to the most difficult conditions. Brake dust, iron particles and road dirt gathering on the surface, and extremely high temperatures fixing the contaminants even stronger to the surface – all that makes rims require uncompromised protection provided by Wheel Coat.



We are supporting the world of professionals in a complex way by providing not only products, but also certification system and assurance of product quality. Thanks to that our clients have a certainty of choosing the top solution on the market, that already at the stage of creation has undertaken lots of tests verified with the JISC standards (Japan Industrial Standard Committee).

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