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WD-40 reveals new look for Specialist Range

WD-40, a name synonymous throughout the automotive sector, has cemented its offering to professionals with its specific line-up of aptly named Specialist products.

While its iconic Multi-Use Product has long been the go-to-problem-solving solutions for technicians, Specialist's nine-product range of lubricants, greases and cleaners have been developed for the more demanding challenges faced by pros are now on the shelves throughout the A1 Motor Stores network.

Wd-40 recently rebranded the entire range that includes White Lithium Grease, Spray Grease, Dry PTFE, Silicone, Contact Cleaner, Penetrant, Degreaser, Cutting Oil, and PTFE lubricant, bringing it more in line with its instantly recognisable blue and yellow-coloured cans.


Penetrant is a prime example of how Specialist products are a step up in gear in problem-solving. When faced with a heavily soiled nut, screw or joint and where time is of the essence, professionals rely on it to safely eat through at the corrosion and free up the seized item.

Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner is a non-conductive solution which dries almost instantly without leaving a sticky residue. It is safe for use on all kinds of electrical equipment, in particular sensitive contact areas be it headlight and indicator connectors and battery terminals or simply when tackling at humble house socket clogged with debris.

Silicone, White Lithium Grease & Long-lasting Spray Grease

The roles within a workshop for Silicone, White Lithium Grease and Spray Grease are limitless, be it from freeing up a car door or bonnet locks, ensuring a mechanism behind a roof top box works seamlessly or simply eradicating that annoying metal on metal bind, rubber squeak.

Research indicates that by bringing the Specialist range in line with the iconic WD-40 branding, professionals were quicker at finding the products they were searching for when browsing either online or in store.

While the WD-40 Specialist cans have been overhauled, the high-quality, tried and tested formulas developed over the past 10 years remain the same. Known for superior performance, and respected within the trades & industry, each product has been scientifically designed, meaning when it comes to getting the job done right, you can rely on WD-40 Specialist.

Each Specialist product is equipped with the company's Spray-2-Ways technology enabling broad coverage for heavy duty use along with precise application for those hard-to-reach areas, minimising over spray and waste. The innovative 360-degree valve allows the product to be conveniently used in any direction, even upside down, with no compromise on performance or results.

To learn how WD-40 Specialist can help you, visit

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