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Valvoline looks to the future with new hybrid oils

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common as manufacturers use the latest tech to maximise fuel economy.

That's why Valvoline developed its first hybrid motor oil specifically designed to address the unique demands of hybrid vehicles. Valvoline hybrid motor oil goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of typical fully-synthetic engine oils.

Why do I need a special oil for my hybrid?

The constant start and stop of the engine may prevent it from warming up enough to achieve peak performance. This less-than-ideal operating temperature can cause sludge, corrosion and motor oil breakdown that may impact fuel economy as well as engine life.

How is Valvoline's hybrid engine oil superior to regular fully-synthetic oil?

Sludge, corrosion, and premature oil breakdown can shorten the life of your engine. Valvoline's hybrid engine oil helps fight against these harmful conditions with a targeted booster package designed for the unique operating conditions of hybrid vehicles.

How does Valvoline hybrid engine oil extend engine life?

Valvoline's hybrid engine oil contains additional dispersants and anti-oxidants designed to minimise the impact of sludge and corrosion to maximise the life of a hybrid engine.

Is changing the oil in a hybrid different than in a regular vehicle?

No, changing the oil in your hybrid vehicle is no different than changing the oil in a normal petrol engine.

Is a hybrid motor oil safe for my engine?

Check your owners manual to confirm what oil specifications are recommended for your vehicle. Valvoline's hybrid engine oil is approved for the following engine oil specifications: API SN Plus, API SN, ILSAC GF-5, and all preceding API and ILSAC specifications. Valvoline's hybrid oil meets and exceeds the minimum specifications for ultimate protection.

Where can I buy it?

Head to your local A1 Motor Store,

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