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TRICO wins A1 award for the sixth year in a row!

Original equipment (OE) wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO, continues to dominate at the A1 Motor Stores annual convention because, for the sixth year in a row, it has won an award, this time for Retail Product of the Year.

For more than a decade, TRICO and A1 Motor Stores have enjoyed a fantastic business relationship, with members able to offer their customers a range of wiper blades that boast OE quality, safety and performance.

This is the sixth year in succession that TRICO has won an award at the A1 convention, four of which were Product of the Year awards, one for Retail Supplier of the Year and now this one for Retail Product of the Year.

TRICO’s Senior Marketing Specialist, Jose Casao, said: “We are thrilled that we have been a recipient of an A1 Award once again! We’re very grateful to everyone who voted for us, as it’s the A1 members who vote on who should get which award. We have a fantastic relationship with the A1 members, and we can only say thank you to them.

“For this to be the sixth year in a row that we’ve won an award is incredibly humbling and we’re so happy that A1 members are supporting our product and continuing with great sales. We’re always looking at ways to improve and expand our offering, so to get recognition for all the hard work that the TRICO team put in, makes it all worth it.

“As you can imagine, we’re already looking forward to the next A1 convention!”

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