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Summer months optimal for annual filter changes, says First Line Ltd.

First Line Ltd. says the summer months provide the ideal time for technicians to perform annual cabin filter changes, to maintain clean air in-vehicle and keep the air conditioning system running smoothly.

Cabin filters, also known as pollen filters, use an electrostatic paper filter to collect pollen, dust and debris and prevent them from entering the vehicle. By replacing a vehicle's filter with a fresh cabin filter for summer, it can also help those suffering with allergies.

During the summer months, it is particularly important to ensure that the cabin filter is functioning properly, especially as the pollen count is high as these particles will clog up the filters.

Alex Jarvis-Cleaver, marketing manager at First Line Ltd., said:

“Worn or clogged cabin filters can impede the performance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and this can happen at an increased speed in the summer months. With summer here, now’s the time to replace the cabin and air filters to ensure the air you and your car are breathing is as clean and pollen-free as possible.”

The added pressure of filtering out the harmful particles and contaminants could lead to decreased heater/air conditioning performance, unpleasant odours, and safety issues.

To prevent these potential health and safety issues, technicians should be recommending filter replacement and, irrespective of these known problems, cabin filters should be automatically replaced every 12 months.

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