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Leisure battery sales opportunities with Numax

A1 member, B&H Auto Spares based in Fort William and Oban, has been promoting Exide automotive batteries for several years and has found the brand to be a great option for customers looking for an original equipment quality replacement, which will deliver long and reliable service. However, when John Bamber, began to look at how to grow their battery sales and expand into the leisure market, it was Ecobat Battery’s Numax Leisure range that provided the ideal solution.

“Although automotive battery sales are the bread and butter,” John explains, “leisure batteries provide a valuable additional revenue stream plus the opportunity to sell additional leisure products to those customers".

“The Ecobat Battery team introduced us to the Numax Leisure range, which is a leading brand in the leisure sector, and helped us to develop our existing battery knowledge to be able to understand the requirements of caravan and motorhome enthusiasts and so supply the most appropriate battery for their needs.

“This started with the fact that choosing the right leisure battery is subject to more variables than with a standard automotive starter battery, where we simply need to match the battery specification to the correct car model, engine and year. Leisure batteries, however, are not defined by the motorhome, caravan or boat itself, but by how the owner uses their on-board power supply. Basically, the amount of electrical energy consumed and the length of time away from a recharging point determine the right choice.

”Choosing the correct leisure battery starts with understanding the power usage, combined with the size of the space available to house it and the extent to which it is hooked up to a mains supply. So, if the need is primarily for less demanding lighting functions, or if the caravan/motorhome tends to spend almost all the time hooked up to a power supply,  a less durable battery will be needed in comparison to an owner who spends most of their time off grid, using high power consuming equipment.

“This kind of practical advice that was offered by the Ecobat team, plus the fact that many of the batteries in the Numax Leisure range carry a NCC (National Caravan Council) rating, which provides product credibility to our customers, made the move into leisure battery sales a great success, so we recommend other members consider it too.”

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