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Club Motul: System Keep Clean

It is easy to know when a car needs cleaning, as there is grime and dust on the paintwork from the road that needs to be cleaned off. There is a similar story when it comes to the interior of the vehicle as there will be dust or dirt from the bottom of shoes gathered in the carpets. However, it is not always easy to tell when the fuel system of the car needs to be cleaned but it is just, as if no more important, that the fuel system is properly maintained.

Over time, carbon residues and coking can build up in the cylinders of petrol engine vehicles as well as throughout the fuel system as a whole. This carbon buildup reduces the efficiency of the combustion engine which translates to poorer performance, fuel efficiency and increased exhaust emissions.

MOTUL System Keep Clean Petrol has been formulated to remove carbon buildup throughout the fuel system and prevent the micro particles from depositing further down the fuel system. System Keep Clean Petrol is also formulated to bind with water particles and condensation within the fuel system, which can also reduce fuel efficiency, and burn it off during the combustion process.

Recommended Use

Maintaining the efficiency, smooth running and performance of a petrol engine is not a one-bottle fix. System Keep Clean Petrol is recommended as part of the range of fuel system cleaners from MOTUL.

When cleaning a car or van, it is recommended to start at the top and work down. This makes sense, as spraying dirt from the bottom of the car upwards will create more work. Although it cannot be seen, the principle is the same when cleaning a fuel system.

Starting with the injectors, following with a clean of the fuel system and then preventing or removing clogging from the catalytic converter. Once this process has taken place, maintaining engine efficiency and reducing spontaneous combustion or preignition with an Octane Booster will maintain and extend the life of the fuel system.

Each fuel additive should be poured into the fuel tank once the car has been fully filled with fuel.

Repeated use of fuel system cleaners and fuel performance boosters will provide the maximum efficiency and results.

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