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A1 Motor Stores approve Lucas Oil Additive displays

We are delighted to share news about the start of a fresh collaboration with the members of A1 Motor Stores. New countertop display units, containing key products from the Lucas Oil Additives range are now being installed.

The displays feature top performers including Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Diesel Deep Clean and Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, as well as problem solving treatments like Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer.

Sales & Operations Director Dan Morgan says the new displays are designed to increase visibility and accessibility of our best-selling additive lines at consumer automotive retail stores. “They will also draw attention to the developing role of additives in providing practical solutions for DIY Consumers and professional vehicle repair workshops.”

We are also taking the opportunity to provide our A1 partners with more technical support for their counter sales teams, which demonstrates our commitment to providing unparalleled support and resources.

Our Technical Advisor, Nathan Owen, has been working directly with sales staff to deliver some additional training developed in association with the Lucas Oil Academy.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the sales teams from A1 Motor Stores. Our aim is to equip counter staff with the product information they need to answer direct questions simply, quickly, and confidently. The objective is to help trade customers make informed decisions that benefit their own businesses and satisfy the needs of their own customers.”

The new display units enhance product awareness, will increase product accessibility and will also help our motor factor partners to streamline the product selection process.

With many more A1 Motor Store members set to receive their countertop display units before the end of January, why not visit your nearest store? it’s a good time to benefit from the Lucas Oil experience.

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