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A Guide to Soft99 Car Waxes: Hybrid, synthetic or natural?

Many drivers treat car care seasonally. On the occasion of the first warm days of spring they think about proper car washing, and the approaching winter makes them dig into the topic of solid protection, and that's when the question comes: which car wax do I choose? In Soft99, we have one basic piece of advice - take care of your car all year long, and in our offer you will always find a solution for yourself. Check which wax to go for when there are a dozen to choose from!

Although it's not a rule, car waxes are easiest to divide by the time of year they are meant to serve you. We reply on well-known examples and divide the year into 3 main seasons; summer, winter and transitional period, spring and autumn.


Before we move on to the wax review, it is worth taking a moment to discuss the first but extremely important step: deep paintwork cleaning, otherwise known as decontamination. A real must for anyone preparing to apply wax, this set of steps will help to remove permanent deposits, road film and remains of old waxes and coating from the surface. Preparing your paintwork in this way will make it easier to apply a fresh layer of wax, guaranteeing utmost protection durability and shine. Make sure to hand wash your paintwork with Neutral Creamy Shampoo, use one of our claybars - Smooth Egg or Surface Smoother (for a stronger effect), apply Mirco Liquid Compound Cleaner and finally degrease with Silicone Off.


Summer season is by far the most pleasant. The conditions for working on a car are usually top-notch, and even if you don't own a garage, the car is easy to keep clean with not much threat from road salt or excessive humidity so you can focus on the appearance. So what's the best car wax for this?

Natural, it contains waxes or wax mixtures taken directly from nature. For example, beeswax or Carnauba wax derived from the leaves of Brazilian Copernicia palm trees, as in the case of Authentic Premium. Such composition guarantees a simple and effortless application, almost zero risk of mistakes, excellent water repellency, perfect gloss and depth of the paintwork. Professionals appreciate natural car waxes for their properties and are often treated as exclusive products, but if you are a beginner, this is also an excellent option for you!

What about durability? During summer, natural car wax will last on the paint for up to 4 weeks. After this time, it is worth carrying out a re-application.

Natural Soft99 Wax: Authentic Premium


When winter approaches, the situation changes completely. In our climate it means several months of humidity, road salt, mud and omnipresent dirt. The unfavourable conditions can also make it impossible to wash your car, let alone wax it, for several weeks. So if the appearance has to take a back seat, it is worth taking car of a solid protection of the paint, so that you do not have to repeat the application for the next few months. In such a situation there is only one direction - synthetic waxes!

Their formula is based only on artificially obtained ingredients, polymers or additionally they use legendary FUSSO technology developed by Soft99, based on extremely durable Teflon polymer (PTFE). The synthetic formula guarantees durability counted in months (sometimes up to 12!), resistance to weather conditions, as well as road salt and chemicals. They strongly repel water and even oily dirt, so it is easier to keep a car clean or just wash it after winter. Application may require more attention and proper conditions, but you can always choose a product to suit your needs and abilities.

Soft99 Synthetic Waxes: Fusso Coat 12 Months, Fusso Coat F7, Water Block Super Splash, Mirror Shine, King of Gloss, New Scratch, Pearl & Metallic Wax, White Soft Wax


Spring and autumn are two transitional seasons during which you can expect both winter blizzards and sunny days. Which wax to choose in such a situation? A hybrid, i.e. one which combines the characteristics of synthetic and natural wax. The synthetic base is most often enriched with Carnauba Wax, thanks to which the product is durable, but also perfectly highlights appearance of the paint. Hybrid waxes will last approximately 3 months, increased resistance to weather conditions and excellent water repellency. Easy and pleasant application should also not cause any problems for less experienced users.

Soft99 Hybrid Waxes: Kiwami Wax, Dark & Black Wax

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